Jason Del Aguila


With over 15 years of running youth programs that focus on the arts, cultures and social justice, Jason Del Aguila’s experiences have helped shape his methods and tactics as a community ally and advocate.

Jason has organized rural and urban communities defending themselves from military and economic violence in Guatemala and El Salvador; documented the impunity of corporate and governmental powers, and worked with students on advocating for and rethinking Free Public Education. Through all his work, he practices nourishing, cultivating and directing the rage and passions of newly found ideas for the overcoming of age-old challenges.

As the co-founder of El Grito de Sunset Park, Jason regularly facilitates workshops and conversations on “Know Your Rights,” community legal defense, and citizen journalism. He is committed to empowering more communities to tell their stories and defend themselves by documenting and denouncing authorities that abuse their power or neglect their duties.