Syrian Archive, Honoree


The Syrian Archive is a Syrian led initiative that collects, curates, and investigates visual evidence of human rights violations in Syria. It aims to preserve data as a digital memory, to establish a verified database of human rights violations, and to act as an evidence tool for legally implementing justice and accountability efforts as concept and practice.

WITNESS partnered with Syrian Archive in developing their database, drawing on our Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video and the first-ever Video as Evidence Field Guide. Today, Syrian Archive’s database of verified, contextualized videos has become a critical resource for lawyers, journalists, and researchers who are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of footage emerging from Syria.

The Syrian Archive recently released the Eyes on Aleppo report, which analyzed over 1700 verified videos of human rights violations committed in Aleppo and surrounding areas between July and December of 2016. They have submitted the report to the UN Commision of Inquiry on Syria and will be presenting it to the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism as a step towards justice and accountability for the people of Syria.