WITNESS celebrates 25 years of making human rights change happen all over the world; 25 years of survivors’ stories turned into powerful tools for justice; 25 years of exposing the truth; amplifying voices, and changing lives; 25 years of pushing the boundaries of video and technology in service of human rights.

With your support, we strive to achieve our vision for a future where anyone, anywhere can use video and technology safely, ethically, and effectively to create positive and lasting change.


WITNESS is celebrating a night for human rights in New York City on November 9th.
WITNESS celebrated 25 years of supporting human rights defenders at a May benefit in New York City.

Messages of Support

Susan Sarandon

Actor and Activist

Femi Oke

Al Jazeera English

Darren Walker

President of the Ford Foundation

Christiane Amanpour


Angelique Kidio

Musican and Activist

Mary Robinson

Human rights and climate justice advocate

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